Pimento Cheese

Our recipe for this classic Southern staple. Serve on crackers or bread. Best followed with some good BBQ.


Hot Pepper Vinegar Kettle Chips are the base for this fish fry.

Szechuan Peppercorn Coleslaw

A Twist on Your Traditional Coleslaw

Whole Smoked Chicken

Slow smoked whole chicken. Full of flavor, simple ingredients.


Time to light up your smoker for our Smoked Carolina Pulled Pork recipe.

Memphis Back Ribs

Chef Charlie McKenna’s recipe for smoked Memphis Ribs using Lillie’s Q barbeque sauces and rubs.

Pulled Pork Nachos with Pimento Cheese Sauce

Layer up pulled pork, pimento cheese sauce, chips, and more to make this hearty dish.

Walking Taco

The ultimate game day recipe.

Hot Pepper Vinaigrette

Use this simple and easy vinaigrette as a dressing or on fish.

Slow Cooker Gold Chicken

You'll win gold every time with this mouth-watering recipe.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

In a sandwich, with some nachos, or by itself, this pulled pork is delicious no matter how you serve it.

E.N.C. Oysters

Lillie's Q E.N.C. is the perfect accompaniment to fresh, raw oysters.

Lillie’s Bloody Chili

Made with all the major food groups: beer, meat, Lillie's Q Hot Smoky, and most importantly, Lillie's Q Bloody.

Boiled Peanuts

Watch out! This classic Southern snack is addictive.

Thanksgiving Turkey

We use Lillie's Q-Rub to give this Thanksgiving turkey some smotherly love.

Pork Tacos

Our take on one of our favorite dishes. Hope you have enough tortillas!

Oven-to-Grill Baby Back Ribs

No smoker? No problem. This will be a hit at any summer BBQ!

Shrimp and Grits

Sultry, creamy, and satisfying - You can't go wrong with our Shrimp & Grits.

Barbecued Tri-Tip

This lean cut of meat will turn you into a lean, mean, cookin' machine.

Teresa’s Mac n’ Cheese

One of our favorite classics! Here's a little secret: mix in smoked meat for some added flavor.

Lillie’s Mop Sauce

Our award winning sauce will take any recipe to the next level.

Quito’s Famous Potato Salad

Properly prepared potatoes produce one hell of a potato salad!

‘Jes Pie (A Southern Classic)

Is it just pie? Or jes pie? All we know is that it's jes delicious!

Heather’s Potatoes

With their perfect texture, this recipe will be making you come back for more.

Brioche Bread Pudding

Comfort food to the max. And don't forget to drizzle our bourbon chocolate sauce on top!

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Fresh strawberries will make your mouth water before you even take a bite!

Peanut Soup with Peaches

This vibrant take on a Southern classic is both sweet n sour and will remind you of grandma's cookin'!




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